Performance Art


Sutileza Guerrera Shortfilm

Sutileza Guerrera represents the balance between light and darkness. The pact between life and death and letting both be part of us. It is about finding the romance with the afterlife and letting the spirits guide our way.

Music Title: Misteriosa Luz.
Music performed & composed: Solrak Santana.
Video filmed & edited: 4bc Productions, Martin Mostert.



This is a video recorded in Berlin on a live Performance at the “Berlin Lacht Festival”.

Artists: Solrak & Yoka from Fuego Rojo.
Music Title: Madness.
Music Composed & performed by: Solrak Santana.
Video Recorded & Edited by: Christian “Crissy” Ihrybauer.


“El miedo nunca se vence, nunca se es mayor que èl. Es un enfrentamiento eterno, gracias a èl seguimos intentando nuevos sueños… al miedo se le mira directo a los ojos, no se le da la espalda.”

Artists: Solrak Santana & Yoka Rapp
Music by: Fuego Rojo (Composed & Performed by Solrak S.)
Song Name: Fearless (short version).
Video Filming and Editing by: Daniel B. Maciel (El Copalero)