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is a new journey, our own research into understanding the body and the infinite ways of moving it.

This leads us towards a better comprehension for how our muscles, ligaments, tendons, and especially our joints work. The aim is to put more consciousness into daily habits of moving and not only during a few hours of our training. Through physical exercises we want to share a glance of our vision; a vision that goes beyond our bodies.

Our experiences as contemporary circus artists and former high-performance athletes, have been of fundamental importance in the process of creating methods for daily training routines. Nevertheless, the purpose of Raknamycs is not only to achieve a good technique, but also to achieve a physical, mental and spiritual health until the last of our days. And since we all have a body and a heart beating, why should we stop?

A „professional career“, especially in top-level sports or in physically demanding circus disciplines, has a certain limit in age; our body does not. That is why we have been exploring ways to fulfill the needs of a body with high physical demands, as well as reflecting on how we can keep our bodies moving in a healthy and complete way, once our professional career is over.

And for those, whose work field may not be very physical, Raknamycs can show a way to release the stress that accumulates in our bodies; for example after a long day in the office. We do not focus on the physical level of the participants; every body is different and every body needs to move. 

Thanks to our careers and vast experiences, we have learned to work with people who use their bodies in many different ways throughout the day. Our vision is to welcome anyone who is interested and wants to feel and understand better how their body works.

There are many ways in order to achieve the same goal. That is why we do not offer a solution, only a new variation… Raknamycs.

We oFfer workshops and private Classes. Contact us for more information and follow us on Instagram