3. Logo PNGis a training method inspired by the nature of animals and various disciplines including Capoeira, Breakdance, Contemporary Dance, Gymnastics, Handstand, Aerial Acrobatics, Wushu, Tricking, Yoga and Calisthenics.

Through Movement and Mobility we work on strengthening our small muscles, developing active flexibility and improving the rotation of different joints of our body. We will work on different floor patterns, according to the level of the participants.

If available at the training space, we also work with gymnastic equipment such as rings, parallel, horizontal and wall bars and use them unconventionally. Our goal is to reach a healthy balance between strength, flexibility and technique.

This Workshop is aimed at all types of movers, whatever their discipline may be and for people in search of a new way of connecting with their bodies through creative movements.

The final goal is to improve our resistance in daily trainings and a longer career as a performer; as well as to avoid injuries and learn to recover us through movement if necessary.