Satana Name A4 Blanco
Solrak Zatána
One Man Band
Psychedelic / Experimental / Progressive Rock

Music is a sacred language, the key that opens all doors of perception. The fountain, the seed, the blossom expanding in spirals far and beyond. With music we can travel in time, we can heal, forget, shout, cry, smile, dance!
It unites us all, no matter the style. Music is the living frequencies vibrating and provoking us “something”. We need those vibrations to feel alive, complete, and get as close as possible to our desired freedom. 

Solrak Z.




Q-xéya – 2019
La Danza D´Laksor – 2020


En Silencio… – 2017
Ahou! CD 300dpi RGB
Ahou! – 2016