Feel My Mojo!

An Aerial Rope Performance accompanied by Live Guitar Loops. High-level Artistic Skill meets Fresh and Funky Tunes. Let yourself be carried away by the sparkling and groovy energy!


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Since the dawn of humanity, the war of the sexes has raged on. Society claiming men as the strong ones, though no man has ever given birth, and women as the gentle ones, though men too have a responsibility to nurture. Strangers’ hands shape the molds we’re expected to fit into, forming the clay with old ideas reluctant to change. They are desperate to keep the power, but if we are strong enough to break the molds, then we are strong enough to take it back.

With power comes freedom, though even that has its price. To tear down the walls we believed held us, means that we will have no place left to hide. But why should we? We are free. We have the power. We can emerge as the individuals we were always meant to be. Not woman or man or something society cares not to define – but humans. And if the molds don’t fit, and the fingers start to point, and the hands try to push us down, then we will rise up until we are soaring high above them. We will howl with the wind and shine with the stars, because we have the power. We are free.