A world of indigenous cultures, traditions and ceremonies, in which Fire represents a central element. Within their poetic choreographies the artists shift from aesthetic movements to sudden transformations into mystic creatures. At last the original and self composed music gives an unforgettable and magical touch to this performance.

Fire Theatre – Dance Acrobatics – Original Music Composition


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With the passing of years more and more ethnic traditions are disappearing. Indigenous rituals, celebrations and ceremonies are getting lost and with them the real superpowers we as humans carry inside. 

But there still remain a few indigenous cultures or tribes where humans achieve to connect deeply with their spiritual animals: “Nagual” in the Aztec and Mayan culture. Even if it is a power every human carries inside, not everyone will manage to unleash it. Simply because in modern society we are being wrapped in clouds and darkness which makes it very hard to connect with our true nature. 


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