With the passing of years more and more ethnic traditions are disappearing. Indigenous rituals, celebrations and ceremonies are getting lost and with them the real superpowers we as humans carry inside. 

But there still remain a few indigenous cultures or tribes where humans achieve to connect deeply with their spiritual animals: “Nagual” in the Aztec and Mayan culture. Even if it is a power every human carries inside, not everyone will manage to unleash it. Simply because in modern society we are being wrapped in clouds and darkness which makes it very hard to connect with our true nature. 

The SPIRIT is our strongest ally in order to discover the secret truth, to open towards the infinite and dissolve any kind of limitations. 

The MIND is the most ingenious machine that can ever exist. However, if disconnected from the spirit, it can transform into a dangerous, self-destructive weapon. 

The BODY is very adaptable to change and with discipline and consistency one can even transform its shape in marvellous ways.  

So, why are we never satisfied? Why do we want to understand everything with reason and seek for someone to give us all the answers? And what is our quest? It should be an internal journey; a journey towards the reconnection with nature; with our mother nature, the mysterious seas, majestic birds, whispering winds and our ancient grandfather fire. 

Remembering that life and death are part of the same natural cycle that unites us all. Without the presence of death we would loose the meaning of living in the present and with it the value of all our dreams and fantasies. So why fighting against it? Why for so many death has become something purely dark and bitter? It has become mute, because no-one talks about it. It has become solitary, because no-one comes to visit with love and affection. And eventually death has become the biggest misery for us as humans.

In ancient times though death used to be the greatest teacher and the purest celebration. It was seen as a transformation towards light and therefore it was an honor to die. By calling the dead in a ritual, our ancestors could see and feel their loved ones again and even communicate with them; those spiritual guardians that will always be alive in our hearts. 

Let us ignite the flame! Let us begin the call of our ancestors! Let us invite them to dance by our sides, so their spirits can merge into our bodies and we can find a connection between the mystical and the mind. A holy duality: OMETEOTL.

Let the Ritual begin….