Intro 19

My very first performance ‘Magic Spirals’ is the tale of a young woman, who dreams of discovering a new world of vibrant colours, of travelling far away and becoming a human of strength and passion. One day, she comes across a magician who tells her, “Stop dreaming. Just look inside of you and you can fly. You can do anything you want.”

This tale was inspired by my own journey. At the age of 25 years, I had finished my studies in literature, yet felt that there was more to life than dreaming among the pages of books. I knew that there was so much more to explore, so much more to express, if only I could find a way to bring the dreamlands hidden within me out into the world.

I first met Solrak in 2009 in Mexico. One year later we were in Barcelona, where I was inspired to unleash my colours by dancing in the air. Through the aerial silks, my connection with the wind was born. In Berlin, I poured my spirit into the rebirth of Fuego Rojo, as the fire needs wind to whip its magical flames high into the air. I thus learned to fly with my feet on the ground under the guiding hand of Abuelito Fuego. Now I write my stories on the stage of life and weave the magic of the Fuego Rojo dream.

Since I discovered I could express myself through my art, I realised that everything is possible – that you always have a choice. I found strength and talents inside of me that I never knew were there. I started believing in myself and realised what a magnificent instrument my body is – I just had to learn how to play it.

Before, I didn’t trust in myself, falling back on the same old excuses: ‘It’s too late; I’m too old; there are so many people better than me.’ Now I realise that in art, time does not exist. Everybody has their own rhythm. There is no competition in art, rather it is all about bringing out what lies inside of you. In this huge world there is a place for everybody to express themselves in their own unique and different ways.

Like a child we can always learn new things, if we just leave the fear of being a beginner behind. We were all beginners at one point, and so will we be again. But let us not forget that we all have the potential to be great teachers and that we have much to share with others.

My vision is to inspire people to step away from the expectations of others and to do what they really love without fear; to discover the talents they have inside and to wake up their passion.

We are all artists. We all can fly.