Sutileza Guerrea

How many different personalities live within us?

The inner world of each individual is home to a multitude of diverse creatures. Each expresses its feelings in a different way and provokes its own peculiar reactions. We are never the same. We are in constant evolution and transformation. We are in constant motion.

This movement causes our perceptions, beliefs, ideologies, traditions and cultures to continually shift and change. Just as we experience these transformations, so too do these forces move within nature, our planet, our universe.

We as humans, though, have deemed ourselves the masters of our mother earth. We do not like change, because it threatens our position of power. In clutching to our supposed control, we have forgotten our natural instincts and the sacred art of transformation. There is no room for questions and doubts in this automated system. The word of the masters has coerced us into burying the restless spirit of the magician deep inside each of us. To dig too deep, to try to liberate the untameable creature, is to risk all that man has sacrificed to the illusion of control.

Within the spirit of the woman, lies the ancient knowledge of natural cycles, of growth and decay, of life and death. This intuitive power of life borne within the womb of the mother has been repressed in our society. Men are not allowed to express their femininity and women are expected to live behind a mask – one that is always nice and kind and never raises its voice. Women who dare to abandon this mask are branded as hysterical and socially maladjusted.

Because society does not allow us to fully evoke our feminine power, deep inside we feel disconnected from our natural instincts. We feel lonely, weak, uninspired and scared.

In order to find our power again, we must go deep inside of ourselves. We must rebuild trust in ourselves and in our abilities. We must learn to walk again, to dance again, each step guided by our intuition and not by cultural norms. We must reconnect with nature and reignite our creative force.

Femininity is associated with softness. But softness does not mean weakness. There are moments to be strong and there are moments to be soft – it is the duality inside of everything. It is light and darkness. It is life and death.

And why should death be only dark and sad, or ugly and bad?

This perception creates fear, and those who seek control propagate this fear, for what could be easier to manipulate than a people who are afraid?

Death is a dance. It may be painful, but so is birth. And what comes after pain?

It will always be a mystery – no one can ever tell us what it feels like and where we are going. Each of us will have our own moment, our own experience. Until then, nothing else remains but to believe in that which our inner spirit tells us is true. So why not embrace death as we do new life – as something beautiful, as light, as love?

Love and trust the unknown, the transformation, the chaos.

Love and embrace your masculine and your feminine side. We were all born inside of a woman, co-created by a man.

Love and accept your soft side, for it does not mean weakness. Live out your inner strength, for it does not mean arrogance.

Love and recognize the imbalance, so you can find balance again. Balance between nature and society, between reason and imagination, between freedom and respect, between man and woman.

Love and practice detachment.

And celebrate death.

Live and let live… and let die.