Performance Art

Solrak Santana

img_8119I was born in Mexico in the city of Guadalajara, but I never felt like I belonged to just one place. I don’t hold myself to a flag or land, colour or race. I love life and every living being that belongs to it.

When I was 19-years-old I left home to embark on an endless adventure, landing in different parts of the world like London, Miami, Playa del Carmen, Barcelona, Moldova and Berlin. I played professional football for nine years and it was the biggest illusion I have chased, yet it was also the reason I was able to explore so much of the world. I was always looking for new opportunities to succeed.

During that search for supposed fame as a football player, I discovered the art of pois in London. It made me feel real. It made me feel good. Spinning at nights, I could let out all of my anger, my sadness, my confusion and my illusions. I was only 19, in a new country with a new language … and winter. The spinning of pois, even without fire, helped me to relax my mind and release my spirit.

A couple of years later my journey took me to Thailand, where I witnessed the art of fire for the first time. It called to me and I decided to try. That experience moved me in a way I cannot explain. A voice talked to me, beckoning me to open my eyes. I was drawn to the Caribbean coast of Mexico, to the Riviera Maya, where I started to seek a new way of life – through fire. It was a beautiful place, amazing weather, beautiful beaches – and a very well paid job – but it was not enough. The voice I had heard during that magical time in Thailand was silent. So I moved on.

Right before leaving the Riviera Maya, I was cleansed in a beautiful and magical ceremony. There, the voice finally returned and spoke to me again. It was the voice of my lovely Abuelito Fuego. He told me to go and spread dreams, magic and passion.  He called me to share his sacred fire and purify the souls awaiting his touch. So I went, alone, and landed in Barcelona. A new dream, no more illusions. This time it was real. I dedicated all of my energy, creativity, love and passion to art and music.

I am no longer looking for fame or wealth. I connect my thoughts with my feelings, my mind with my heart, and bring it all together to fuel my spirit and the spirit who protects us all. I live in the moment. I am living now.

To me, Fuego Rojo is not just a name, it is is a new way of life. It is transformation. It means opening people up to the reality that reality is not real without our fantasies and dreams. It is about expressing and not impressing, about being true to oneself to defeat the fears that stop us from dreaming and growing.

Fuego Rojo is the endless adventure.

Ahou Abuelito Fuego…