Raknamycs Aire

3. Logo PNGis a training method designed for Aerialists of all disciplines. We will focus on mobility, active flexibility, rotation of the joints and exercises for strengthening smaller muscles; especially in the upper body.

The Aerial Silk, Rope, Straps, Trapeze and Gymnastic Rings will not only be used as an apparatus for tricks and routines, but as a partner that helps us to stretch, build strength and express ourselves. Small routines will create a nice “flow” and a more interesting training. Our approach is to reach a better consciousness of our body in the air rather than learning new tricks.

We will focus on some „advanced basics“ and explore creative and unusual postures and sequences. We want to give inspiration to connect with the aerial equipment in a different way, so we can find our own style of moving rather than copying well-known tricks.

Another strong focus will be put on floor work. Movement patterns from many different disciplines will provide useful information for a better understanding of our aerial work.

The final goal is to improve our resistance in daily trainings and a longer career as a performer; as well as to avoid injuries and learn to recover us through movement if necessary.