Performance Art


927I grew up in a small town in California constantly challenging the suburban state of mind and was convinced that there must be other ways to live. Escaping to Berkeley, I found myself in a new world of expansive ideas and even vaster idealism, but even such a haven can turn into a bubble of self-validation.

It was time to test the accepted truths and explore the world beyond the shelter of our borders. For two years, I lived in a small village in Cameroon as a Peace Corps volunteer, where the beauty, ferocity and uncontrollably raw power of nature was woven into everyday life. Letting go of the illusion of control in a land fraught with the unknown, I learned that the soul needs to believe in powers that the mind may refuse to comprehend. Separated from the connection and distraction of the outside world, one has no choice but to turn within to find strength and peace.

By the time I landed in Berlin, I knew it was time to stand still and hone my skills so that I too could make a dent in the order and chaos of the world. Dreams, after all, are but wisps of colour wrapped around the roots of experience and the work of dedicated hands. Twelve years serving the social good and still so much to do, but along the way I found two glowing souls who brought new sparks of inspiration. Now with Fuego Rojo, we are creating a new dream of vibrant hues and though the way forward is shrouded in uncertainty, we are treading the path together.


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